Bellum Americanum
September 08, 2004

Military Speak

Everone knows that military spokespeople and press releases lie, but what struck me in thisthis Associated Press Story is the sheer contempt they have for any possible audience. After discussing the latest air war against urban target with predictable claims about "command and control centers," they include this: "'Initial assessments indicate there are no noncombatant casualties,' the U.S. statement added. 'Enemy casualty figures cannot be confirmed.'" In other words, we have no idea if anyone was killed, or how many, but we can assure you that in this dense urban environment, none were civilians. Of course, a compliant American media won't bother to question such bushwah or do the simple reportorial exercise of calling up the hospitals; acts for which Al Jazeera got banned in the new free (tm) Iraq.

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